Fight the evil rising from the west!

Enter a world of steampunk and magic! Battle enemies powered by magic as you explore the kingdom of peaceful Tripudia and dangerous Maelon. Unravel the threads of an insidious plot and uncover dark secrets to help bring an end to the mysterious disease threatening Tripudia. Trulon - The Shadow Engine, developed by Kyy Games, is a role-playing mobile game following the adventures of a young monster hunter called Gladia.

Cosy, idyllic farmland Tripudia and dark, industrial Maelon lie side by side on the continent of Trulon, which was named after an ancient civilization that once covered the whole mainland. Now it is a place of magic and science where the Thaumaturges wield the dual power of Oin and Oian, the spirit of life whereas the Technomages turn that magic into Gaudium and Dolorum, which powers robotic Animae and other machines.

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  • Unique card combat system
  • Battle enemies using a collection of over 50 unique cards
  • More than six hours of single player action and adventure
  • Four playable characters with individual strengths and playing styles
  • Solve puzzles and interact with 100+ NPCs
  • Spin-off story from the original Trulon novel

NO IN APP PURCHASES! We believe in the classic style of gaming where once you buy the game, you’ll get all of the content and features included. No gimmicks.

Are you willing to fight for your homeland?